Do you think he likes me and it could go somewhere?

So I have been seeing this guy for about a month and a half. He is a friend of a friend and it took him 3 dates to work up the nerve to kiss me. he took me for dinner And movies and would usually walk me to the door. on the third date we went to the beach and watched the stars and that's when he kissed me. on the fourth date he took me indoor rock climbing, then out for dinner and went to watch movies at his place. we made out but his hands did not wander. He calls me things like gorgeous and pretty. last weekend he asked me to see a movie and after I slept at his place, I had my period so there was no sex but the chemistry between us was intense. he spent most of the night kissing, cuddling and holding my hand. next morning he cooked me
Brecky then I went home for a couple of hours and came back to cook him dinner. he asked me to stay over again and he knew there was no sex. he texts me everyday and is such a funny sweet guy. he has paid for most of the dates we have been on. do you think he likes me and this could go somewhere? he still lives with his ex of 6 years because they brought the house together and financial reasons. do you think this may be an issue. i am smitten with this guy but have been hurt by other guys a lot so don't want this to happen again.


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  • The ex thing could be an issue an here why 1. They haven't properly divided their life together. They had a life and the my really need to cut it down the middle and separate to really move on
    2. How long go did they split? You need to be careful because it may be too soon and he might be slotting you into an ex-shaped hole. When guys do that, it can come across as really gentlemanly and sweet, but you really an entity filling someone else's shoes.

    On the other hand he might be the perfect guy just in a really bad situation. I'd wait and see how things go over the next couple months before discussing the ex issue.


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  • Lol still lives with his EX or still lives with his wife?


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  • I think the ex could be a problem, but he seems to really like you. If you move forward with I'm I think it could really turn into a relationship.