Is what i'm doing wrong? (filler filler filler)?

Ok so my sister and i have different fathers but the same mother, is it wrong that im secretly dating my sisters cousin? like she isn't blood related to me at all but she is related to my sister, so can i go for it or should i not?

the girl im secretly dating is my sisters cousin, we have different dads, so the girl im talking about is my sisters dads sisters girl, so me and her are not blood related at all


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  • Umm well legally it's fine. I feel like it would be really uncomfortable for your family when it comes to light though.

  • she is blood related to you. she's your half sister, not your step sister. so your sister's cousin is your mom's sister's daughter... or something

    • no we have different dads, her dads sisters kid is who im talking about, not my moms side

    • oh then ummm, i guess you're not blood related, but it would still be awkward introducing your gf to your parents if you two decide to get together haha...

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  • Ok here is the deal. Legally you are fine as there is no law saying you cant. Biologically you are also fine as the 2 blood lines are not close and will cause no physical problems in the future sould kids arrise. Morally you are in the wrong as a general practice because or the problems within the family that may crop up from it. Just think how you mother or father would feel if you had to tell them you got her pregnant and you will have your answer.

    • well for one i havnt seen my father since i was 5, he has had a new family since then and never came to talk to me, or see me, or anything so i dont care about anything he has to say, but another thing i must add is since its not blood related i dont think my mother would mind all too much, my step dad would probably be the only one with the problem since I've never actually met anyone on my stepfathers side other then his sister and her daughter, and my moms side never met any of them other then my step dad so if i brought her around to my grandmom or anyone on my mothers side which is the only ones in family i hang out with they won't even know who she is in the slightest, so family problems with it shouldn't be bad