I meet a girl who is really out of my league but I'm still interested and she's still talking to me?

I meet her a couple weeks back at a local nightclub and she also works at a restaurant I go to occasionally as well so I've seen her there since we meet as well.
but I've found out she is really out of my league , she is here for the summer and family has cottage on lake popular with wealthy cottagers and she lives there. but she is from a well off family from the city. and going to law school in the fall. she's also very good looking , popular and appears to have a lot of money. but we have hung out and talked a few times since initial meeting and I'm still interested in her but worry she is just way too out of my league even under most realistic scenarios and that I couldn't even afford to date her to begin with.
I also haven't tried to claim I was like rich or anything or overstated my wealth , I told her what small town I was from and such never said I was well off.
but yeah were still talking and I really do like her but honestly not sure where this is going , maybe its like a summer fling type thing is all she's looking for


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  • She might appear wealthy or have family wealth but if she is working at a restaurant she probably doesn't have a lot of money - when I was a waitress at pizza hut I made around $20 dollars an hour on a very good day. Also many lawyers can't find jobs because they graduate more lawyers than the economy needs and many lawyers get low paying jobs that pay $30 000 a year or less not to mention they have legal fees to pay. If she thinks you are good enough for her - she might be right. Don't assume that somebody who is working at a restaurant is rich.

    • its a really busy and popular restaurant , she is making good money there during the summer. lots of other good looking girls work there and wouldn't be there unless there making good money

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  • Go for it. Worst could be a summer fling, but who knows. People connect on a level no dollar amount can touch. Sounds like you two have already hit it off!


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  • As long as you're a decent guy with good intentions and nice to talk to, girls won't give your looks/wealth too much attention. Just try man, "don't be afraid to fail, you can't always win but you can't be afraid of making decisions" -Arnie
    What if she's tired of the same type of guys she's used to and now wants to try something different?
    Go for it.

  • You're making excuses to not act. It's the "too good to be true" syndrome where you have this great girl, you're hanging out with her but you won't make a move because it's too good to be true. Step up!

    • it really is too good to be true. I don't know how else to describe things , I have been making an effort to talk to her when I see her in person. so I haven't been doing nothing at all.

  • Go for it don't put her on pedestal and make excuses about how she is out of your league just see where it goes don't be too serious about it things seem to be going fine.