I m scared of approach guys?

Evey guy I been like treat me so bad when they get a hint I like them or treat me so rude that now I used to think every guy don't like me or has interest in me so I get down I get scared to approach or even talk to a guy that I geg feelings itch some guys they will be rude to me I'm scared of guy even if I like them this is normal:?


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  • You haven't really given that much context but i think you've just been having a stroke of bad luck with guys if a guy treats you like crap move on there are a ton of nice guys who would love to go out with a nice girl do yourself a favor and drop the jerks


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  • Not all guys are that way, and we love to be approached by women, some guys may come off as rude at first

    • Lol yeah they act rude when they like to get approache

  • well dont go for jerks, nice guys won't treat you like that, im a nice guy ill never treat a girl bad, but the problem is no girl ever approached me yet

    • It hard to find nice guys I always stump up with the biggest jerks in the world

    • how are you getting these guys? are they approaching you? which is bad. or are you approaching them? which is good but, what are you basing your interests on in them?

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