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This guy I like kind of asked me out, like we should get together sometimes and I agreed trough texts. It's been a week since he asked me out and didn't text back. Why he asked me if he didn't plan to make that happen? Anyways, couple of friends asked me to go out with them this saturday, they planned to go into the club where I would see him 100% and I don't want to seem desperate, so should I go there or pass it? Also, should I text him first if I decide to go to the club?


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  • just go to the club and let things happen naturally. if you end up talking to him then whatever. but don't even worry about coming off as desperate, its not nearly as important as spending some quality time with your friends. who knows he might even come up to you and start chatting it up. but if you're kind of worried about looking needy or clingy then just don't text him at all. just go through with the plans you made with your friends.

    • Yeah I know it's important to spend some time with friends, I just don't want to seem desperate, like I showed up there just to see him.. I know we'll talk there because we always do when we see each other and he always smiles and shows he's interested and all of a sudden he stopped texting me and I don't why, that's why I'm asking if I should text him first this time? :) Thanks for answering

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    • yeah just go with your gut and do what you gotta do:) and no problem:D

    • ooh noice:D tyVm

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  • Why would think yourself to be desperate since the guy's assumed to be interested at you didn't make the effort to make definite date-time-place for it?

    • well, he asked me out I agreed and since I was the last one texting him I don't want to come off as desperate person trying to make him asking me on a date again..

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    • The only reason is he's being indecisive through his action. But might imply other factors as well.
      For now, It depends whether you're still willing to wait for him, by telling subtly to him that you want him to invite you out.

    • How to tell him subtly? :)

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  • Don't text, but definitely go out and enjoy yourself, don't place your life on hold for him