Girl Played me I think and I'm not sure how to deal with it?

Ok so I met this girl in a club and chatted to her for a while and got her number.

We texted for about 1 week before I said we should meet up and she agreed. We agreed a time and place, but the day of it, she cancelled saying she couldn't get a babysitter (she has a 3 year old child) which was prob true but who knows.

Anyway, we chatted some more by text and on phone sometimes at nights and I can honestly say I hate myself for letting me get so into a girl I'd only met in person once. I really liked this girl and asked her again for a date, to which she said yes. She then cancelled that day again this time saying there is no point because she isn't looking for a relationship and it would go nowhere.

I was literally like wtf? The whole time we chatted she said how much she liked me. Most of the time it was her that was initiating the text chats. It actually felt like being punched in the gut. I said to her why not just meet and see how we get on cause we've been getting on so well but just got stonewalled.

Anyway my thoughts are delete her from fb and her number and just move on? Been like 2 days now and I still think about her and check her fb waaaay to much. As I said pretty angry I let myself get so it to her so early , has never really happened to me before. Very sobering feeling.


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  • mm well I think the very least you should get proper closure, closure that will leave you satisfied with the way you ended things before you delete her off the face of your Facebook hahaa. but honestly it sounds like she is just protecting herself and her child because if it is true she has a 3 year old child then she is going to be very cautious of who she dates and may not want to take any risks unless she feels it is so worth it and maybe you just haven't given her that confident feeling that you are worth the risk.


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  • I could be wrong but by the sounds of it she is either going through something emotionally and battling herself OR she is playing with your feelings. Personally i would delete her Facebook but i wouldn't delette her number because of her actually saying she liked you and such, she will eventually come around. Meanwhile, move on and find another girl that won't lead you on but if you are available and she does come around and better yet doesn't bail then you have a win. If all else fails she moves on herself and then one day you go through your contacts and you delete the number because you dont even remember where it came from.


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  • Yes, your best options are to delete her from FB and her # as well. Don't beat yourself up too much.. it's not like you spent a lot of money and time on her.