Is the relationship over?

Lately me and my boyfriend don't really talk about much anymore and its only 2 weeks into the relationship and I love talking about everything, but he doesn't really talk about anything and I'm getting bored, but when we're together I just love being in his arms. I kind of want to end it and I kind of don't. Opinions?


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  • Well, its naturally boring to talk to a brick wall, which is the red flag I am seeing here with, "he doesn't really talk about anything" A girl without opinions on anything is just /as/ boring. You can definitely keep trying if you really want to, figure out his interests and things he really wants to talk about. If you just can't make that connection it is probably best to let him go though.

    Your reasons to stay with him sound to me like you enjoy the physical contact more than the person. (Cold as it sounds, that may be the case. A lot of people just crave physical contact.) Like I said, its up to you. But personally, I would try to let him go- gently.


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  • His communication barrier /social skills seems to be somewhat
    withdrawn if he's not suffering from being depression, anxiety,
    and if he's not shy than you may want give the guy second thoughts
    you need to talk to him some way and ask him if somethings bothering
    him the guy could be seriously depressed and needs help i had a
    neighbor would not talk to anyone he was withdrawn from all people
    he came home one day and committed suicide i don't want sound
    like a crape hanger by telling you sad stuff but it's best you know
    it's better to save a life rather than to see someone take their self out
    he could be a extremely shy guy and just can't open up to you it's
    only been 2 weeks since you two started going out well i hope
    things work out for you two

  • You may as well end it. If he isn't willing to commit to the relationship like you are then he isn't worth your time.

    • He does commit he just doesn't talk a lot

    • Half of a relationship is talking and getting to know each other. Not just physically holding each other. He may be putting in the physical time, but not much in other important areas.

  • ups.. so next stage "might" be find an excuse on you and leave your life forever..

  • seems like there never was a relationship in the beginning since you want to end it all the time, no guy is going to want a girl like you

    • I never said I want to end it all the time actually. I'm debating. We used to talk about everything when we were friends, but now that we're together it's awkward. That has nothing to do with other guys not wanting me. That's completely unrelated. And if no guy wants me then how do I even have a boyfriend? Smarten up.

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    • thats the whole point in being anonymous, why does it seem like you want to know who i am?

    • i dont bye

  • i think you should just be real with him if you dont want to waste your time on an inevitable break up just ask him if he's serious about this because he's not really putting any effort into the relationship. Sounds to me like you haven't talked to him about it so thats something that you should do if you want to solve the problem.

    • I asked him a few days ago if we're really gonna work and he got really depressed, like we've been talking for a long time before we started dating I guess we just talked about a lot and niw we're past the "honeymoon phase" maybe we just need our space I don't know he males me happy I just get bored talking to him even tho I never want to stop talking to him its kinda weird I don't know how to explain it

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  • It's only been two weeks and you already have stuff to moan about? Jesus...

    Save this man's time and your own and just leave him be. He's obviously not as chatty as you. Not everyone likes talking a lot and changing him to suit your preferences is only going to cause problems.

    Dump him and find someone compatible.

  • It might be a case of two diff. Personalities that can't seem to hold it together. He is too quiet and introverted for you. He is probably hiding a reason for it.

  • if you're bored already and its only 2 weeks in then thats normal. thats still the honeymoon stage... break up with him and dont waste anyones time