Was my tattoo artist hitting on me?

I live in east Tennessee and we have one GREAT tattoo artist where I live. I don't want to screw up the relationship by assuming something is there when there is not. Here goes: The last time I went in he complimented me on my "natural beauty" and laughed at everything I said. When cleaning the spot for my tattoo, he took his sweet time and almost seemed to be caressing my leg. This time he started talking briefly about sex and when I asked him about a paddle over the door, he told me to bend over so he could show me what is was for. He knows that I am in the process of a divorce. He seems to like me, but I don't know if he is just doing his job of if we may have a connection. His coworker did seem very pissed off the whole time and said nothing, which is unusual. Towards the end of the tattoo, my artist started really talking more and asked me how long my relationship with my husband lasted and his coworker left the store and stood outside in the rain! I always tip well and he seems to remember me every time I come in to make an appointment. I have 3 small tattoos and eventually want my last one, so should I peruse this or just let it go?


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  • Ask your husband whether you should pursue it.

    • He cheated on me ( hence the separation), so I don't think he really cares.


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  • The fact tht he's already joking about sex I'd leave it. He's probs trying to just screw you it's obvious he's attracted to you. But if you're looking for something serious I'd leave him alone a real gentleman would of asked you out by now.