Why do men always lie to me about their age?

I recently started dated this guy that seemed so sweet but I found out via my own little investigating that he was younger than I was by one year and that he likes dating older women.
I confronted him about it and he said he only did that because he wanted me and that he would have come clean when we got closer. I got so pissed that I told him that I am not interested and that i am in school and that I don't need this type of drama because I have been honest with him all along and I am really disappointed in his antics. However, him and I could still be cool.
He tried playing it cool and was still making statements about me and him hanging out still angry I said ''you're'' no longer on my agenda. well we haven't spoke since but i don't know if I am overreacting.
This happened to me before one guy lied to me about his age turned out to be a real piece of shit and my last bf did the same and boy was he a heart-wreck and heartbreaker. I guess I reacted the way I did because of bad experience because I don't want to be regretting I did not learn form my mistakes what do you think


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  • I don't understand why they lie about there age. But if I was lied to I would just leave because I don't like liars and they can do it again.


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  • would you have been accepting or been ok with him saying 'I don't talk about my age' instead when you asked him?

    • Just the truth why would you start a relationship based on lies

    • because people don't want to lose out on a good person just because they thought they were too young. when women ask me I tell them I don't like to talk about my age. is that ok? everyone lies about one thing or another in their life, I understand your upset but people never want to lose out on meeting an amazing person just because they might have been too young.

  • Your boyfriend lied about his age... not all men.
    It's not a man's thing to hide their age until he is involving himself somewhere in high profile corruption. Lol
    But never in front of a girl.
    But he was insecure that you won't date younger guy and hence he lied.

  • I don't think it makes a huge difference but if you think it matters than guys maybe want to know you because they think you'd reject them if you came to know about their real age..

  • They do it because they want you to give them a chance, instead of tossing them aside because of a number. You would be surprised at the number of women that won't give a guy even a little bit younger a chance. You are making a bigger deal about it than you should. If you lied about your weight would that make you a bad person? Or does that just make you a normal person with certain insecurities about being judged? This guy might not have been right for you, but this lie wasn't a good enough reason to get into a fight.

    • Yeah I think your being way harsh, its only a one year difference. And if you were so honest and trusted him then why were you snooping around in his business? No one is perfect, and even the littlest age difference can turn someone off. I faked my age to a lot of girls. I dated 16 year olds when I was 12. (I was really tall and had a deep voice)

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  • If I were you u wouldn't be happy. For myself , relationship be it friendship or dating we need to be sincere and geninue coz these two form the foundation. I would be upset if my friend lie to me about their ages too. Since he isn't honest about it... one can't imagine what he would lie about next

  • Did he outright tell you that he was the same age as you? Or did he just never mention his age?

    I like a guy who is 1 year younger than me... I don't see anything wrong with that age difference.

    • He said he was older. It isn't a problem that he is younger. I just hate the fact that he lied to me and thought it wasn't such a big deal.

    • Oh I see.
      It is bad that he lied then, although I can understand why he did it. Lots of girls do make a fuss about the guy having to be older and taller, although personally I can't see the value in it.

    • If you really like him, why not give him a second chance? We all make mistakes.