Does. Good friend wanna be more than friends?

Ever since this concert last week I feel like the dynamic of our realationship changed. We have been friends for 8 years she's helped me through my last relationship of 7. At the concert we had a good day as te day went I it cooled down and she was cold so I put my arm around her. The the other day we worked out together and afterwards hung out in te parking lot talking. Again she said she was cold so I putny arm aroud her and he came in and put her arms around me. We talked some more and just generally hung out. We had long periods of time without talking just holding. This went on for about 4 hours. This hasn't really ever been a touchy relationship. Do I try to take it to the next level? I want to be absolutely sure but I feel like I should take that risk because I obviously have feelings for her.


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  • They say when 2 people can be silent together and feel comfortable in that situation, the relationship is really tight. So there are two ways to see this : She either takes you as a BFF or she is ready to take your relationship into the next level. Just to be sure, try to be more touchy or flirty for next time hang out, and see her reactions. If she's comfortable with it, then you can take it to the next level. (Google how to change best friend into lover). If not then may be she's just really comfortable around you ( best friends hug each other all the time) or she's just lonely. Be patient and good luck !

  • I'm not getting the sense that there's more then a really good friendship. I let good guy friends put their arms around me even though there's nothing there other then friendship


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