Girls, if you and your boyfriend broke up for a small reason, how could he get you back?

If you and your boyfriend broke up because you wanted to spend a little more time apart or he just wasn't committed enough, how could he get you back?


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  • If to me it feels like a small reason, yes.
    But she would not break up with you over something small unless she is very sensitive (if you know her to be the overreacting type, there is hope yet for you) . She could have taken it the wrong way and it will be harder to get her back, or she has been wanting to drop you for a while and was looking for an excuse.


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  • It really depends on what the reasons were. What do you mean by "a little more time apart or not committed"? You mean cheating? Then, nothing he could do. A complete deal breaker for me.

  • If I cut him off.. he would have to manipulate hell and high water to have me back. .. just me but I only cut someone off if I have good reason to.


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