As a 15 year old whats the best stuff to do on a date?

Explain like what to talk about where to go ect.


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  • The movies, dinner (not Macdo lol), ... do NOT go swimming on the first date, she'll think you only want to see her body. talk about stuff that you both have interest in and make a lot of jokes! Since you don't have much life experience at that age and can't talk about politics and shit (well you can, but that would be weird) I suggest just to act crazy and have fun.

    • flirting for me is hard i can't do well but taking out to dinner might be a bit awkward and but movies will be fine like swimming i might not even try unless she says really and pool is closing in a few weeks so really can't do starting school year looking for a Girl

    • The first date is always the hardest, you try to impress each other and stuff.. But to keep you from getting nervous just remember 'she wouldn't go out with you if she didn't like you anyway' so just be yourself and I agree about dinner, that might be a bit too much. The cinema is so predictable though. As a girl I would love a picnic at the park. It will make a girl feel special


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  • The most common would be to go watch a movie. You can have something to talk about and spend time together :)

    • Movies are good and fun but agreeing on a movie is hard but maybe a restaurant maybe expensive but romantic like school i can spend loads of time with her

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    • Yea good idea even tho i might moght hate the movie its going to make her enjoy the time spent with me

    • Lol yeah exactly. I hope you have fun

  • go to a park and feed some ducks

  • Go to the movies and get ice cram afterwards


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