Girl won't be my girlfriend because?

So this girl in sleeping with and talking to won't date me because her best friend told her not too her best friend is my cousin? What would you do?
Why do girls listen to your best friend?


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  • We listen to our best friends because they know us better than we know ourselves. They can see things more objectively.

    For example if a guy was an ass to everyone else but nice to one girl. Her best friend would see him for the asshole he was and not the nice guy that the girl sees.

    Not saying you're an asshole but maybe your cousin just knows you both well enough that they know a relationship wouldn't work?


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  • If she's that thoughtless and will only not do something because her friend told her not to, odds are you don't want her anyway. Most likely it was an excuse though. Maybe she has her own reasons for not wanting to date you?

  • We listen to our best friends as they know us well and be there for us


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