Guy I'm seeing talks about other celebs and. girls that he thinks are hot. red flag? why does he do this?

We've been on 5 dates. Like when we're out he mentions in how he thinks that girls boobs or butt is nice. Also i told him i like a certain singer and right away he starts saying how he likes her boobs and all that stuff. why does he do this? its soooo annoying. I dont go around talking about other dudes. what does he get from saying all tbat stuff?:-( :-(


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  • I'f it happens again Be honest. Tell him it makes you feel uncomfortable and unappreciated. If he backfires then just don't see him again. A real man will respect what you have to say if he doesn't then he's not for you. Remember communication is the key if you let this go on for too long it'll most likely be more uncomfortable to confront him about it.

    I wouldn't dare say that about any girl to my girlfriend. The most I would say is that she's pretty.


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  • When my boyfriend go out and he says something like that or I catch him staring I like to make a game or it by say "ew really I mean she has a nice butt but could you picture waking up to them" it a good way to just let it roll of as a joke.