When your over 18 what do you think is the largest age gap without people thinking that its to much of a age gap?

So if your over 18 what is the largest age gap


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  • Ten years is right on the edge of it becoming strange. The gap widens a bit as you get older but not by much, maybe a few years.


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  • i think when your 18 you could date anybody under like 25 but under 18 i remember i didn't wanna get with anyone under 17
    when i was 19 i had a thing with a 23yo and it was fine i didn't think anything of it, but with a 16yo i would feel like im taking advantage to be honest, too young

  • I'm 34 and my girlfriend is 21. But then again, she has a kid, car, her own place, a car, doesn't party and is all around really responsible. Had it not been for all those factors, I probably would not love her like I do. So bottom line, it more depends on the person

  • 23 probably, depends a lot in the person.


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  • I think 2 people can date if they both fall within the same age range out of these ranges:
    •50+ with 25 year age gap acceptable

    Of course this varies according to the maturity levels of the individuals involved.
    This is my non-expert opinion.

  • im 18 and my boyfriend is 34 so..
    he's also my longest and happiest relationshio

  • Well if it was going down in ages I think the lowest you should go is 16, not just for legal reasons but maturity as well. If you were going up then I'd say 22.

    • No I mean as in what do you think is the largest age gap like if I was 19 and the guy I was dating was 29 age gap

    • Well I think that when there is a 10 year age gap that the people both need to be older as in 30 and 40 or 40 and 50 just because of maturity and life experience.