Am I doing wrong not replying to her?

I am 18 and the girl is 15. Guys of my class found this girl attractive and pretty so i got a feeling to get this girl but before that i got to know that she finds me attractive and she likes me. She started talking and have gone out with her 2 times alone which was like a date and we were so close and we held each other's hand ant sat and she enjoyed my company but i really didn't liked it so much. She messages me but i dont feel that connection with her and don't feel like replying. I reply her but less. And her talks sounds unrespectful to me. Am i doing wrong not replying her?

Even thou i dont like replying her, i reply her everytime but i am a busy man and she don't understands that and want the reply fast and she is just so boring and her thinking just doesn't match with mine and she just wants me to speak..


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  • I don't think you shouldn't reply, just explain that you don't feel like that towards her. Tell her you don't think you're right for each other, and leave it at that. I've been on the receiving end and the giving end of the whole not replying thing and it does suck, that someone just stops talking to you out of the blue and you don't know why. I think it's best just to tell her then stop.


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  • Yes you are. Just tell her how you feel about it. It's disrespectful to stop replying without any actual reason and to let her dream about it if it's never going to happen.

    • Sorry i forget to tell something. And she is disrespectful thats why j don't like reply and buddy please check the update

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    • I've seen the update, but if you reply her now because you are being polite. That doesn't mean you'll reply forever. Better end it now.

    • Ohh i got it now. Okay i understood :) thanks buddy :)

  • I don't think you are wrong. You don't have to reply to her.

    • But it will hurt her maybe. And i don't want to hurt no one

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    • I am waiting for the perfect time cause i can't tell this thing randomly

    • ok just tell me how it goes when you do it.

  • I don't think you're wrong. It's a good thing that you're showing your disinterest now than leading her on. It's one of those things that if you keep pushing back telling her. The harsh truth will get worst in time. Plus it wouldn't be fair if you carried on trying to make her happy. Maybe you should talk to her. She'll be quite distant or mad, but maybe she'll find someone with similar interest as her.

    • Thanks buddy :) I'll think over your opinion primarily

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    • :) Thanks for letting me help. Haha stop saying thanks.

    • So no thanks but you're welcome :p

  • Not replying is rude. A guy I liked did that to me and made me feel really terrible. Just be upfront and courteous, why does she deserve to Have her time Wasted like that?

    • You are right but sorry i forgot to tell something. Please see tge update

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  • hey man how would you feel if the girl you like suddenly stop replying you
    did you went out with her just because your friends thinks she's attractive?
    if that's all then you should be honest with her but don't be rude since you maybe breaking her heart

    • Buddy i didn't talk to her and she was the one who asked me to go out with her and i told her that we are just friends and nothing more but she behaves a bit weird

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    • ok man good luck

    • Thanks buddy :)

  • Normally your early vibes tell you a lot about that person's character and compatibility with you, before you get too attached and attachment starts to cloud your judgement.

    So I'm thinking, your sense are telling you right. You're not wrong to not reply to her.

    • Thanks buddy but i forgot something. Please see the update

    • I guess she has a crush on you. Since you're not feeling the same way towards her, it's best to stop replying. If you feel impolite, just be frank and say that you don't think both of you do very well together, and then leave it at that.

    • Thanks buddy :) it was helpful :)