How to keep him interested while I am on holiday for a few weeks?

I recently met a guy (through friends) and I think he likes me a lot.. we have sent each other text messages for hours and have talked about planning a date, but didn't manage to plan a date before I am going on holiday for three weeks in a couple of days.. He seems very interested in me and said he wanted to plan something when I get back.. But do you have any tips on how I can keep him interested when I am away?


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  • well if he really is interested in you and have feelings for you then you don't really need to do anything
    but if you just wants to keep him interested then that's what phone and sexy voice is for


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  • Well when you go back if he truly has feelings then he will be still interested. The thing is when i have feelings for someone i will think im over them in the holidays but when you go back you like realise the feelings never actually went away and you fall in love again, so just you will see. If he is really interested then he will stay interested!

    • Thanks for your reaction. Yeah that's true.. I think my feelings won't wear off, hope his don't either!