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So there's this girl i really like. We hangout and talk often, go to or rent movies, dinner, kiss/cuddle/yeah. She says she isn't ready for a relationship, which i know is usually just a girl saying she just isn't interested in me, but she swears that isn't the case. It's been 3 months or so since her breakup. I want to move this forward since I already feel like we should be something by now but I don't know where to go from here. I've already told her how I am starting to feel about her and she says she cares. Do I continue to standby? Give an ultimatum (we need to move forward or stop altogether)? Walk away now? I understand she may need time, but how do i get the ball moving a little more?


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  • If you really feel this girl, I think you need to push her a little bit. Make a talk with her. You need some clear explanations.
    But I don't call it ultimatum. 3 months after breakup is not long as you think. Do you want to be rebound? So wait a little more. But make your talk too. I know it is horrible waiting. But she seems she needs it. If you really like her, then wait. She will be worth it.


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  • She needs time to decide for herself for whatever reason. If you like her just keep interested in your own life and contact her every now and then so she knows you didn't disappear and that your thinking of her. If she comes around your relationship with start off as a healthy one without any baggage!

  • Honestly, I believe that if it goes on for too long, you need to give her an ultimatum. For now, just stand by and observe her closely. I hope this helps! (:


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