What do you do when a guy says he is going to call and doesn't?

I met this guy the other night and we hit it off. We exchanged numbers and he texted me that night to say it was really great to meet me and that we would talk soon. This was on Thursday. On Saturday, I texted him and we exchanged text messages for 2 and a half hours. He asked me when we could hang out and I said lets set something up for later in the week and told him to text me on Sunday. It is now Tuesday and I still haven't heard from him. He seemed really interested. What should I do? Should I just forget about him or should I text him? Help.

Thanks girls. He did text me yesterday and I invited him to out with a bunch of my friends. I figure I will keep it casual for now and see where it goes.


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  • This has happened to me before as well, I'm not gonna lie it's kind of weird. But all you can do it's give it some time, there must be a reason why he's making you wait, it might be good, or he might be just playing games... I would suggest you not to call him yet, wait until he calls, then ask him why he didn't call when he was supposed to, if he's an answer is too shady, he was probably just busy playing games with you.

    Only insecure boys do this, so don't hurry things with him, try to figure him out first and know him well, before you start any type of relationship


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  • Maybe he forgot.Text him.

  • Don't contact him!

    If he's doing this behavior this early on then he's not that serious about starting anything with you. He could very well be working things out with an ex or be speaking to another girl who's got his attention.

  • Let it go. That is super rude. If he does contact you I would think twice about going out with him. At the least I would let him know that I did not appreciate how he just let it drop. This kind of behavior can quickly turn in to him forgetting or canceling your date to hang out. Oh, and if he is one of those guys who tries to turn it all on you, like pretending he sent a text or acting like you have the problem for being so uptight about holding him to texting on Sunday, drop him.