My girlfriend just decided we should go on a break and no matter what she won't talk to me about it, what should I do, she says its temporary but?

I still love her but everything thats happened makes me wonder whether or not she's ok, she's been blocking out everyone and now me too, I don't care whether we get back together or not, I just want her to be ok, her happiness is all that matters to me, any suggestions?


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  • It looks like a bad sign, but you could be an exception. Look at it this way, if you were a priority in her life she would still be with you. An exception would be if the break was to focus on studying for school, or maybe she is having financial difficulties and she needs to work more hours. If she's blocking out everyone, it could also be something like depression.


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  • Breaks are always bad, she just doesn't have the heart to dump you.