Turn Down For What! For the guys approaching me?

My boyfriend, has recently came to the conclusion that clubs aren't for people in a relationship. When we go out he feels disrespected by guys that just come up to me and talk to me in front of him. I've even had some guy to ask him if he could dance with me (wtf!) Or they complement me on my looks. He is in the military and can't react the way he wants if I am in a bad situation. What do you guys think still go or it's a no go!


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  • Not too sure what being in the military has to do with anything? If he can't control his reactions or temper he has no business having control of a gun for a job hahah.

    He sounds insecure. I'm in a 3 year relationship and my boyfriend doesn't care if guys hit on me. The appropriate reaction is for him to put his arm around you. The guy should back off, and just be friendly.

    Just cause you're in a relationship doesn't mean you can't have fun.


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  • Jealous boyfriend?


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  • club places can be messy, so he is concerned with your safety. if you like night places, perhaps u can cut down on the frequency of it but do assure him you are with friends

  • He has a right to get jealous imho..

  • If you know he doesn't like you going then why would you be asking if you should go or not?

    • He doesn't have a problem with me going just a problem when we are together and the disrespect that males do when we are out together