My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me On Our One Month?

okay today is me and my boyfriends one month of being together and I asked him if he still liked me and he said he was offended and decided to break up with me because I asked that question. :( He said he needs time to think about what he wants. He says I make him a really happy boyfriend and I'm the best girlfriend he has had but its things. like this that scare me. I can't ask a simple question without him breaking it off with me and this was the first time I asked this question. I asked it because I dont want to get played and he's been busy lately going out smoking with his friends And drinking..

Am I in the wrong for asking that question? I'm really hurt right now :(


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  • I may be far left-field, but I think he may be afraid of commitment. I'm guessing that you told him it was your 1 month. Having been told that, he likely started thinking of the future at that point. When you asked him if he still liked you, he could have been offended (unlikely) but more likely he realized that being single was better.

    If he has been busy going out smoking with his friends, and drinking, he likely realizes that being single is far easier, and he has the freedom of time. A lot of men enjoy the freedom of being single. He probably wasn't ready for a relationship. While you may make him happy, he wants his freedom too. Unfortunately, sometimes you can't have your cake and still eat it.


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  • No your not in wrong but you seem more mature than him
    and if he wants smoke with the boys let him there is other
    guys out there that will come your way, him getting mad
    just sounds like case of childish behavior he got lot of
    growing up to do for sure

  • I doubt it was because of that question that he broke up with you. I think it was just an excuse and that he really has other issues of his own. He might be afraid of losing his freedom and that is now why he is out with his friends so much.


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  • Unfortunately it sounds like he was waiting for the first thing to come out of your mouth to use as a reason to break up with you.

  • Hmm I can tell you sound kind of young but your boyfriend is being the jerk. It's good that you are questioning his loyalty to you and if he really loves you -- you wouldn't have to worry so much and he would stay with you and reassure you instead of always breaking things off.

    My wisest advice is to talk to your parents about his behavior. Get some good advice from older people who love you and will look out for you and actually heed their advice. My second advice to you is join a church, put God first -- because God won't hurt you. Let God be your strength. <3 Do what I never did and make God your strength and become a strong woman or young lady of God that way no man can ever hurt you and that way you can stand on your own 2 feet and find a man who deserves your love hun!