Hey, I really like emo guys how do I attract them?

So I always had a thing for emos and skater boys but how do I attract them? I don't want to make a serious change or anything but what should I do? I am not an emo or a skater chick so I really don't know I am more of one of the class clowns that like my little pony and listens to rock music oh by the way I am 13 and I don't watch the show I just like the bloody versions and the weird songs. Thanks


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  • cut yourself. show dem emo guys and ask them for a needle.. let your hair grow big and brush it all to one side. look like an emo

    • umm okay then...

    • rly. the question was not needed. like any other guy, be nice to them, talk to them and keep a convo up, be funny if you can. only cause they are emo doesn't mean they are normal? I looked like one in my young age.


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  • try to make an emo-esque hairstyle to approach them as the first step


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  • I'm 17 and I'll be the first to say please don't cut yourself to attract an emo / sk8ter guy ( i never stared cutting to attract however cutting is not good for you , the scars will last if you cutt too deep ) . I think what you should do is if you haven't already try some music liked by emo's or some screamo music.( bvb, a7x , escape the fate , of mice and men , falling in reverse , asking alexandria +etc ) i think that you should try out some things that they like and try to start up a conversation w/ an emo/ sk8ter. overall just be your self , if you try to be too different to the point where it's fake he'll think your a poser.

  • Try slitting ur wrists ist that emo thing to do

    • I already do that but really is that the advice you want to give to a 13 year old