Do you think he regrets cheating?

We were on a short break and in that time he made out with his friend. It seemed pretty disrespectful to me and he told the other girl he wasn't sure if he was in a relationship. The day after he kissed her, he decided to get back together with me. But then a few weeks later I caught him trying to kiss the same girl, this time he admitted her had a girlfriend and thankfully she rejected him. But I caught him saying that it wouldn't matter cause I knew about their first kiss.


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  • Wow! Loser! You deserve so much better! He will sweet talk you or even make you feel unworthy of him, but he is the one that should be grovelling at your feet. I'd skin my guy alive if I caught him doing that. Especially with what he said. He wouldn't know the meaning of bitch until I showed him.. but that is just me.


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  • he's an ass and you shouldn't let him get aay with it otherwise like he just did the second time, he'll think he can't get away with it. it doesn't sounds like he's looking for committment anyway if he's kissing other girls


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  • Drop this loser. He shouldn't be kissing other girls if he has a girlfriend! Why makes you think he regrets it if he's done it again?
    It goes by the saying... fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.