Seriously, what's up with this girl?

This girl and I have been going back and forth for the last 3 months at work. She's fairly shy, but she see came to me first. I get all the signs from her, nervous, blushing Etc. But, sometimes I feel like she likes my buddy too. I've seen her play with her hair and smile at him, but never really talk like her and I do which is like everyday basically. They work in the same dept. At lunch last week she flips her hair over her head smiles at him big right in front of me. Then we were walking down the hall together talking and we get to the glass door, he's in the other side and she smiles at him real big. When we walk through she turns around and looks at me and acts like she doesn't know what to do go to her desk it keep talking to me, I was confused.

So on Friday we had a work community service project. She got there late and ran all the way around right up to me and said hi to me first. Then I jumped down into the out where we were working and she asks how do you get down. I think she wanted me to help her down. I didn't get it and she jumps down and starts working next to me. A few minutes later I noticed that she is flipping her hair and smiling at my buddy across the way like as he walks by. I say something about is her hair in her face, and she laughs it off awkwardly. I get pissed and jump out and walk over to talk to the only other cute girl there right in front if her. As she's hammering she looks over at us and like talks like "oh this is so hard" I was like "okay". lol. So later she gets out and starts following me buddy around and talking to him and like 3 other guys in a small group, but I could tell it was mostly him. Like they sat down a few feet away from each other and were talking. This pissed me off. I watch for a while. Then she comes over and sits next to me asking me if it was safe to sit there (I was on a board). What was this all about? She disappeared after lunch and left which was weird?


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  • She may see you as a friend and is interested in your friend man. I don't think a girl would smile at a guy for no reason.

    • I know but right in front of me?

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    • I don't know. She doesn't talk to other guys like we walk and talk, I've never seen her do this with anyone else. She was so nervous around me and would blush and fidget all the above. So now in like man she's really showing this dude interest and it's right in front of me! Lol

    • I see. Maybe she may have some sort of interest towards you. Try talking with her more and see where it goes bro.


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  • She's clearly interested in your buddy! But... maybe she knows that you have interest on her and is trying to keep you also around, in case something doesn't work between her and your buddy. She might feel really good while talking to him and see that you are jealous, that makes her feel good about herself. Or maybe you're just another way of her getting closer to that guy xD

    • What shows she's clearly interested in him? I used to talk about other girls around her and I now she didn't like it.

  • try talking more often with her


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  • It sounds to me as though your mind is running into overdrive, she may not like either of you for all you know.