I've never had a boyfriend, what's wrong with me?

I'm 18 and I've never had a boyfriend, or my first kiss, or anything. I've hugged and cuddled, that's it... what am I doing wrong? I'm not very pretty but I think I have low standards.

I'll be 18 in a week


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  • you're under 18 and you're NOT a dumb slut. keep up the nice work and eventually you'l find the right, or woman or whatever it is you prefer when you're all grown up. enjoy life and fun. dont worry about crap like this


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  • Don't worry about it, or compare yourself to others. Each individual comes to on their own time. I didn't have a girlfriend until my early 20's.
    If you focus on hobbies, on your education, on your 'life', you'll fall into a boyfriend. Worrying anxiously about not having a boyfriend will lead to insecurity and a lack of self-confidence.
    I actually wasn't expecting to date, much less wanted to, when I met my first girlfriend. Its funny how things happen.


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  • i don't know i never had a boyfriend ether :s it's because i'm shy i think :s

  • Because you've got low standards... maybe you're desperate? Nobody really likes desperation. Anyway, you're under 18, who cared if you haven't, that's silly, you've got a lot of time. Anyway, college is where it's at, boys your age, and dating at your age isn't that fun.

    • I'll be 18 in a week lol. And I try not to be desperate. Thanks for the input though

    • It's nothing, trust me. And never be desperate, otherwise you'll meet the most shitty guys who will just use you then leave you. Then you'll feel even lower than you do now.
      At 18/19 I guess dating does start getting more fun, but it's really not all that still. When you're working, and you're dating a guy who's working, THEN you can go on the best dates lol. And as for you being "not very pretty" that's the best thing about being a girl! There's so much you can do to look naturally better and make up to. Like taking good care of your skin, hair, body etc.. And then hair and makeup. Girls are lucky :)