Is it going to be creepy?

I've been together with my gf for about 4 months now and lately we have been arguing quite a lot. Everytime we fight I always feel so sad because I really dont want to lose her. So I want to make an effort to be more romantic and caring in order to save our relationship. These days It's raining quite a lot and she always forgets her umbrella. So I'm thinking of surprising her when she finish her work with an umbrella and then walk her home. Is this a good idea or will it just creep her out?

And lastly, I've been making these kinds of efforts for quite some time now which she seems to like, but she never do anything special for me. Should I be worried about this?


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  • That's sweet! Do it :) Also maybe she thinks that its the guy that should be doing all the cutesy stuff. I personally do a lot for my boyfriend so maybe just... let her know in a subtle way?


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  • That's so sweet! Any girl would love this! And with your gf.. hmm.. watch her reactions when you surprise her. If she seems happy, dont worry. If she doesn't (unless its because of work) I think you should be cautious.

    • The thing is that she has two jobs and she always go home and sleep between. So she is usually really tired when she finishes her first job, thats why I want to just bring her home and give her a kiss and then let her sleep. I'm just worried she will feel that I'm in the way and bothering her when she needs to sleep

  • A relationship should be give and take not just give.
    And not that isn't creepy it's cute.


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