Every time I tell a guy I like him he automatically throws me into the friendzone without even trying to give me a chance. Why won't anyone like me?

I'm almost 18. So throughout high school I have been friendzoned over 10 times, 7 of those were this year. Not one was willing to get a chance to know me. I'm not pretty and a little overweight, buy I think I'm a good person. I've never done anything with a guy due to the fact I've never had a boyfriend. Am I doing something wrong? I try to be nice and unintentionally flirt, also I don't try to seen desperate. I don't know I'm ready to give up. How do I stop getting thrown into the friendzone?


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  • Highschool is a time of extreme shallowness... and with the media/advertising showing us guys constant pictures of fit, good looking girls... a lot of the highschool guys don't realise its not all about looks.

    So just keep studying and focus on school, there will come a time after school that it will pick up and you will wonder why you worried.

    Also what GrowStrong said is true, dressing nice, exercising and generally looking after yourself is a major turn on for guys, the same as it is for girls. If you look nice and have a generally good outlook on life it will attract more "good guys". Trust me you want someone who also dresses nice and looks after themselves because they will have a happy life and thus make you the better for it:)

    If that all makes sense.


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  • firat of all, if i was you d try to make myself omfortable about my body, aka lose weight and get in shape. this will make you feel comfident and i promise you'll get more attention from guys

    • I don't want attention for my looks! If guys don't like me now why would I want them to like me when I'm thin. I'm extremely comfortable with my body. I don't like guys due to looks so why do they have to judge mine?

    • its how the world works. deal with it. your telling me you will go out with a guy with a face like a pigs shitty ass if he has a personality of gold? i mean he literally shits out his face

    • I have liked "ugly" guys before... Yes

  • I'm bloody amazing at getting in the friend zone I've only had like 1 girlfriend -_-

  • "Why won't anyone like me?" is the wrong question. you should ask "WHy should someone like me?"

    when you apply for a job for example, you dont say "Why shouldn't you hire me?". you think about what you have to offer

    • See that's the thing, I think I'm a nice and fun person. Others just don't seem to agree with me

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  • You're not ugly, have a little confidence in yourself! :) When people look at themselves in the mirror, people only pick out things they don't like about themselves. Try looking at yourself and pick out the good things that you do like about yourself.

    You're still young, don't stress to much. I think you should focus more on yourself and school. And you are not doing anything wrong, trust me. The guys will come don't worry. Nothing happens before it time, and when its your time to have a boyfriend, you will have a boyfriend.! :)

    And no matter what you do, if a guy only sees you as a friend stay positive about it at least you have something with them. And who knows they can change their mind. Just because they don't like you now, doesn't mean they can't like you later.

    P. s. If it make you feel any better, I've never been in a relationship, and sometimes I do feel like somethings wrong with me. But NOTHINGS wrong. Everyone goes through this at some point in their lives, you're not alone. :)