Long distance relationships?

If this guy and I were getting ready to start a long distance relationship, and he already said he wanted me to be his girlfriend but then he suddenly says he doesn't want to do a long distance thing (and nothing happened to make him change his mind) is there a way to change it back? Did he just psych himself out? Is it a lost cause?


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  • I hink he has psyched himself out but not for the wrong reasons. He is thinking of you I believe and him too. It's hard to do long distance relations if you have never before. It can be very frustrating waiting for him. If you are strong enough you need to tell him that you are "more that willing" to make this long distance relationship work until he is back home and can be with you. If you wish to fight for him and keep him he really needs to hear you tell him this. He doesn't want to waste your time. I suspect he adores you and respects you enough to let you find your freedom. Now is a time to choose to fight for you if you really want this guy. He is just trying to do the right thing for BOTH of you I believe. If you don't really believe it can happen then you should move on. If you really want this special guy then let him know you will wait for him. Those words may be all he is waiting for. You tell him and he just might show the same strength and wait for you. Not many guys will end such special relations for no reason at all. I wish you luck and I hope this helps you! Cheers :)


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  • Long distance never works... full stop. He knows this, wants this, but knows it is doomed and is saving both your feelings.

    Harsh but true.

  • to finish the title "never lasts" unless you meet regularly like every 2-3weeks and have regular Skype calls


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