Should I ask a girl if she dislikes me?

I have been texting this girl and I don't think she likes me, but I'm not entirely sure. I want to know so that way I'm not wasting my time on her or making myself look like and idiot. Should I ask her if she dislikes me or not?


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  • Try texting her. In same situation and shy not sure what to do. Would like a how are you text. What are you doing today. Show interested about her day. Then ask if she wants to hang out or something. Then when comfortable ask her out


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  • yes just ask smothly

    • How might I do that or how would I move the conversation into asking her that?

    • Just start by asking her how her day was and how she is doing and them move the conversation to your ''relationship'' and if she is really into you as a friend or possible something more

  • Depends on what she is texting you.


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