My boyfriend'a mother hates me?

Okay so first let me say that I am in no way asking for anyone to feel sorry for me nor am I playing victim. But last year me and my boyfriend were in a really rough spot and I ended up cheating one time. I've been apologizing and making up for it since last year. And my boyfriend has had his share of getting back at me for cheating also by sleeping with his friend's fiancé. Anyways today I was in the car with his mom and she had a very negative vibe towards me. I spoke she didn't speak back. After she left the car I asked my boyfriend and he tells me that she never liked me since the beginning of us going out (been together three years). She feels that he will never have my heart and that my heart is very immature for him and that she thinks that he doesn't need to be with me and that she just really don't like me. I don't know how to feel but I don't know if I can spend my life with someone and possibly have kids with someone and their parent doesn't like me period. Also he told her what I did but hasn't told what he's done. How should I go on with life knowing this?


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  • Well, you seem like you really regret what you did. To me who hasn't moved on about the whole cheating on him especially after he got back at you.

    Time to move on. Everyone you guy fall out, you will bring back the cheating of the past. Plus, you would have never cheated if you really live him. Just keeping it real.


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  • rip off her clothes!!! show no mercy!!!


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  • This often happens with overprotective mothers and spoiled boys who grow up having everything and being accustomed to be the center of attention of their parent's lives.
    She thinks of him as her baby and NO ONE is good enough for him.

  • next time she's giving you sass tell her her son is a cheating whore

    My mom hates my boyfriend because he uses are son as a tool to control me and he's broke ass and smokes tons of pot... anyway its not any easier for me and it does make it hard can't imagine a wedding. my brothers married and my parents love her, buy her gifts and a plane ticket, hotel rooms for them. I get nothing just hate its really hard maybe think about it for sure before you get more involved (kids ect)