Should a guy pursue a certain-age range of girls if he is not looking to get married or settle down yet? he is not looking for someone to spend?

the rest of his life with yet, he is not looking for that type of serious relationship, he doesn't want to get married or settle down anytime soon, but he still wants to date, wants to have a girlfriend, wants to play the field and experience different types of girls dating and sexually-wise.

What age range of girls are these usually? are these girls that are usually under age 25? girls that are not looking to get married or settle down yet, not looking for anything serious and don't expect the guy to have his shit together, life together in order to consider dating him, sleeping with him.

so what are the age ranges of these girls typically? usually under 25? or are there any that are over 25?
what else does settling down mean?


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  • Not under 25. Girls under 25 are all scrounging for husbands. I know tons of engaged people my age and I'm only 20. I'd say older. Like 40 so they've been there done that.


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  • I don't think there is a specific age, but you're gong to need to be honest with her once you decide you want to date a girl.


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  • That's actually a good idea because marriage days are kind of getting older and older. In the '50s it was generally half the women by 20 who were married, now it's a lot less. Good thinking. I'd aim for 18-22.