Boyfriend treats me like baby. Does he think I'm immature?

This guy I've been seeing for the past 6 weeks is really into kids and it seems like he can't wait to be a dad. Everytime we hang out he talks about kids. Last time we were hanging out he said to be out of the blue that he wanted to see my baby pics. Yesterday, he said that I had cute and small hands like a baby.

We were in a restaurant yesterday and he said to me 'You are just like a baby'. I asked him what made him say that and he goes 'Your facial expressions, but I don't want to tell you which ones because then you will stop' and that he found them cute.

He also said that when he gets married he wants his wife to stay home and take of the kids.

Is he trying to say I'm immature or something like that by comparing me to a baby?


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  • He spends a lot of time around kids so he naturally compares them to other people in his life. I am a nanny and babysitter and I tend to do it too. However I generally hold my tongue when I'm thinking something like, "wow, that tantrum she just threw reminds me of a 2-year-old's tantrum yesterday" or "that noise she just made sounds like the baby asking for a drink".

    It sounds like he is clucky and possibly interested in you being the mother of his children (hope I don't freak you out by saying that)... Rather than him thinking of you as immature, he may be imagining you in a situation which requires maturity.


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  • I think he just likes child-like features and you apparently have them. If anything, I'd get a pedo vibe over a condescending vibe.


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  • awwwr that's cute.. a guy who likes kids... its so rare these days