Under-agers using 18 year old dating sites?

I really want to use a free online dating site that I know of (okcupid) but I don't turn 18 until February. I'm not trying to rush shit of look for the one. I just want to meet new women who are compatible with me.
So my question is: do you think it is a bad idea to do this and lie about my age?
How many of you out there have also done this?


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  • Okay, first off, it's perfectly normal to look at dating sites. There is no shame what's so ever.

    However, the maturity level of you and the people on those sites are light years. Because you're young people will take advantage of you. It's not because you're stupid, it's because you're young. That fact that you're asking about it is actually pretty smart.

    I think you should wait and not lie about your age. The time may come when you want your actual age but then you're going to have to create a new profile. Plus it makes you look dishonest which is a big turn off for respectable women.


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  • yes it is a bad idea. join under an older age, then when they contact you tell your real age


What Guys Said 2

  • I don't think you're going to find women on dating sites that want a teen. You're in school, that's the BEST way to find women/girls to be with. By far the best opportunity you will EVER have in your life.

  • it's probably fine. chances are good it'll be at least a year before you actually meet anyone from an online dating site anyway.