Being ignored, what do I do? Is he over me or scared of liking me?

we met Tinder & had been talking for a bit so we hung out at his house. It went great& he told me that he really liked me. things heated up, b4 anything could happen I told him i was a virgin & waiting for some1 i love. he got it& we just made out. He asked me y not go for it b/c it was going to be love evenutally. we ended up talking & opening up, which neither of us are good at. he told me that the virgin thing made him want me more b/c it would make him feel special, & he's bad with commitment. Later he asked me to sleep over, but he didn't want me to think that it was just about sex. so i slept over & nothing happened. when we woke up we started making out & then hooked up. he asked me if i was sure & didn't want me to regret it, i said i was sure as long as he was ok with being my first. he was. we hung out a little bit longer&then he took me home. an hour later he texted me. we talked for a few days after & he said he was feeling sick. we talked a little bit after & he just said he hasn't been on his phone much b/c he wasn't feeling good, which i understood b/c he isn't on his phone much in general & usually takes a while to text back. then i invited him to a birthday dinner my frined was throwing me & he said" hmm, i may want to go i have to think about it." I asked y he needed to think about it& he said he doesn't like meeting friends. we texted a few times after that & i offered to come over and take care of him. he said he didn't want me to see him like that. after this i text him a few times& get no reply, then the other day i asked him if he wanted to come over &and see my dogs because he had been begging to when we hung out & he said "D: you can't offer that when i'm working" so i said how about a day when you are not working. no reply. later i was getting annoyed w/ not getting an answer so i asked him how he felt about me. no reply. so i flat out told him that i like him& could he just tell me if he feels the same or not. no reply. Soo what do i do?


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  • I am supposing that you are in fact over 18 and there is no possibility of criminal statuatory rape here. Were you using a condom? A pregnancy would raise all sorts of issues and would rebound fiercely on the creep's life if you decided to have his baby without aborting the fetus. Women's rights in child support cases still prevails.

    Consider this your loss of naivety and initiation into adulthood. You want nothing more with the psychopathic creep who stole something of intangible worth from you, so stop all communication with him. If you hear that he has been telling others he bonked you, strongly and emphatically deny it (after you've confirmed you are not pregnant); your well-being outweighs false morality. You might feel cheated and sad, but this feeling will pass after a few to several days. You have learned a valuable lesson about human nature worth much more than your virginity. You as well now know better how to choose male friends.

    Only the worst sort of guys insist on virginity, the losers, and the notion of the virginal pure female is an illusion. Sophisticated males do not ponder such things as virginity. Such a person worthy of your charms remains in your future, you are now better prepared to recognize him when you meet him, and you are well on your way to your own personal growth and sophistication. Unpleasant things can bring unexpected rewards, and this event may be one of them.


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  • just lay off for now. focus on you and just expect the worst but hope for the best:P you dropped the bomb on him and now he needs time.

  • A girl who uses hooked up correctly lol, nice.
    You gave it up to someone who just wanted sex, you stab his tires or move on.

    "He asked me y not go for it", pretty quick...
    "He asked me y not go for it b/c it was going to be love evenutally." Are you serious? You can tell he's a major douchebag right there with that kinda line. How many people say they are in love within a week and break up lol. Yeah he's an asshole though...

  • Maybe he was just busy... But personally I dont like when someone would text me a lot when I dont reply. Give him space maybe he'll begin to miss you. Too much of anything is never good


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  • Girl come on he's a guy you met on Tinder. You have to understand that he was probably just looking for a hookup. It doesn't mean that you didn't have a good time, it just means that the good time might be over now.

    You need to understand that taking a girls virginity is kind of important to dudes. Look, I don't get it either, but guys are dumb as shit sometimes and I think they can't get their heads around the fact that girls don't necessarily need to be in love with the guy they lose it to. My roommate recently took a girl's virginity and then the next day he was freaking out. He's like, "I took her V-card, she's going to be in love with me, I can't be with her for forever, blah blah blah." Turns out, she ended up being a lot less invested then him. I'm not sure where guys have this idea that all girls fall in love with their first but it's a pretty prevalent idea and you have to face the facts that he might think something about you that you don't necessarily feel, and it's changing the way he feels about you in general.

  • I knew the ending was going to end the way it did because I read, " we met on Tinder"... I believe this guy just got what he wanted from you and doesn't want anything else you have to offer at this point. He isn't replying and not initiating messages which means that he doesn't want to deal with you anymore. I really feel bad about this post and for you because you gave up something very precious and that was your virginity. This guy is a liar and he has no feelings. He doesn't care about you, how you feel, your family, dogs, etc. He is just an online dating player who uses girls for sex.. Do not text this guy anymore, stop being nice, don't invite him over, just ax him out of your life. Find someone who is going to appreciate the beautiful person that you are.

    • Agreed lol, the word Tinder to me means "relationship? nooopeeeee."