A Silly Little School Girl Crush!!!?

This summer I am a research assistant in an hospital. I am around a lot of med students and medical residents. I am going on a lot of first dates. I just returned from one. It was so, so. As in, I was interested, but not very interested. If he calls I would willing accept a second date, but I won't check my phone none stop.

However, there is a med student, who is leaving my work area after tomorrow. I have a stupid crush on him! As in we don't talk much but do a little on a daily basis, because I am super shy around him and I feel like every time I talk I sound stupid.

Here's the thing, they are studying tomorrow so I don't want to bug him. We have some mutual friends and I know he knows who I am. I talked to a friend who said he was a good guy, single and tended to be shy. I don't know his interest, and I am sooo interested..

I kinda want to add him to facebook, is that stupid? I am like such a school girl with these feelings


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  • Not stupid at all. Do whatcha gotta do. But I'd go ahead and bug him tomorrow anyways. What do you have to lose? Nothing.


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