How to react to a guy saying things just to get a reaction?

Sometimes he will say things so sincere like I'm beautiful, etc. Then he takes a picture of me, looks at it and makes a joke saying I look constipated. He knows I am very sensitive too. I'm just not sure how to react to this. I think he's just too immature for me. If I defend myself then he wins. If I tell him it bothers me, he gets upset and says being too sensitive, and I'll talk to you later. He's 41 believe it or not.


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  • Aww I think he's just bein' playful. At least he has a sense of humor and he obviously likes you and is comfortable with you. Just tell him that you don't appreciate that particular thing and he will stop.


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  • Thats weird as fuck at that age haha but if your together then I guess it doesn't matter that much, just tell him to stop...

    • Nope we're not together thank god! Were just dating but I think it's very disrespectful and rude

  • I think it's just a personality clash and you need to become synchronised. Communicate about what bothers you and hopefully he'll stop that.


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