How to get a GF When Nerdy (Middle School)?

Im in Middle School, and no girl has ever showed a sign of likeing me. Im Nerdy, Ugly, And people dont like me much. there's no other nerdy girl at my School. (I go to a small school). Im 12 and gonna be in 7th when summer is over. Advice?


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  • You are young just be a kid before you know it you'll be grown with a ton of responsibilities you'll get a girlfriend when the time is right as for being nerdy girls go for all types of guys so I am sure you will be breaking hearts and getting your heart broken before you know it just take it slow.


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  • Personally? Never dealt with girls till at least my freshman year of high school. Honestly just stick to your group of friends (however small) and let them guide you into high school. I found a girl my freshman year and got her to go out with me because on of my friends did not rest till I got girlfriend (one that I actually liked mind you,)