Where/how should I kiss him? (Inexperienced kisser)?

The guy I'm dating gave me my first kiss recently. I like kissing him but I feel like I'm not very good at it because I haven't kissed before.

He likes to kiss my neck, forehead, cheeks, and lips.

I don't really know where to kiss him though or what to do really. I kind of just put my arms around his neck when we kiss.

What do guys like? He asks me to kiss him but I don't really know what to do.

How and where should I kiss him?


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  • My first was only like 6 months ago. She was a little experienced and I was... not to say the least. Just kiss him, on the lips. What you do is lean in to him and softly place your lips on his. Then you just go with whatever he is doing. I was taught by my first girl and after a while of doing something wrong you just pick it up and if you ask they will give pointers along the way for you.


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  • Cheeks and neck. Sometimes forehead but its difficult stand or sitting for us.

  • kissing him any where fir any lengthly period. he will get worked up. so just be cateful. v


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