How important is kindness in a mate?

How important is kindness to you in considering a mate?

In case some don't know, prerequisite means the person has to have it or he or she won't even be considered.

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  • It's a prerequisite
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  • It's an important factor
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  • It's an important factor, but not terribly important
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  • It's unimportant to me
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In answer to my own question, I would vote it's a prerequisite.


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  • It's a 10/10 on the importance scale. I refuse to date someone that isn't nice.


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  • I always thought it was very important, but I wouldn't describe my bf as a nice person. But I don't mind it enough to want to break up with him lol

    • It's kind of interesting you used "thought" (past tense). Do you still think it's important. Why wouldn't you describe your bf as a nice person? By the way, don't forget to vote if you haven't.

    • Well, when you're single of course you'd want a nice person. But you can't help it if you get to know and eventually fall for someone who's not always nice (to others*)
      My bf tends to point out flaws and make fun of strangers or actors when we watch movies. I don't understand how a persons immediately thought when they see someone is all of their flaws and wanting to call it out. i dont see people and think ' wow theyre fat' or 'man theyre ugly' 'look at that nose' 'wtf are they wearing' i just see people, you know?
      And he's not afraid to state his opinion even if its offensive. He fights with his religios mom and basically puts her down and makes her feel dumb. But i guess it kind of lovingly haha but i do love him, he's nice to me at least lol

  • This is a great question. I am surprised to see amount of the answers.
    It is a prerequisite. And I tend to like people who are kind already.

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  • It's important. I don't require him to be like Mother Theresa, but I definitely won't date a douche or an asshole. He has to have a heart and use it.

  • Very important! I feel like someone that is not nice is grumpy or moody and I hate being around someone like that.

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  • It's a must have coz it lay the foundation of a person

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  • it is important but he has to be feisty too. I like that:)


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  • How important are wings on a bird?