What's going on? My boyfriend is acting weird?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years and we bicker all the time. He is so hard headed to the point where It starts a fight all the time. We are engaged and possibly buying a house. We used to have sex all the time and now I don't even want to. It's not special any more and he doesn't want to change it up. He won't. And he is the only guy I've ever had sex with where he has been with many girls and when I mention that if bothers me he accuses me of just wanting to sleep around. He asked about taking a break and if we do we actually break up. I don't want to lose everything we have but I feel like a break with help out relationship. How do I approach it? Help. What is he thinking?

Update: also it is so hard to talk to him because he takes it so personally and blows it out of proportion...


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  • I just think he's being controlling. He sounds a lot older than you and he probably wants to "mold you" since you're so young and unspoiled.

    Unfortunately he's going about this the wrong way. You don't have to take a break and i don't suggest it. "Breaks" are retarded. More often than not they do more harm than good because it just gives the other person a free pass to sleep around- then you get back together, if at all, and one of you spills the beans and it creates a whole other set of problems.

    What I suggest is that you figure out why you bicker all the time. Don't just say something superficial, like he won't do the laundry. Find out why he won't do the laundry then find out if you can make him feel better about it. Try to find a compromise. If doing the laundry is THAT important to you and you just can't talk to him about it then ask him for a trade. You'll do something else one week and he'll do the laundry, then you switch...

    I'm just using laundry as an example. Whatever problem you're having can still follow the above format.

    • Relationships take a lot of work and nothing is perfect. Sure, you could have found a better match for you that would have made things just a bit easier but that doesn't happen all the time and besides, you love this guy. The last thing you want is to become that girl- the serial monogamist- jumping from one relationship to the other thinking she's going to find better.

      You sound pretty mature for your age. Hope it works out and your guy is calm enough to understand you. You both shouldn't be antagonizing each other, remember that.


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  • Having seen constant bickering first hand, it's usually a big red flag. His response to your concerns and worries is also a negative one.

    Seeing as you're already engaged, this should be something you seriously take some time to evaluate.

  • Just my opinion, but it sounds like the early honeymoon is over.

  • Taking a break is a death sentence to a relationship. If you're not happy, just end it... by the way, learn to pick your battles. You don't have to be right about everything... young kids shouldn't be engaged or having sex anyways

  • breaks hardly ever help the only way to save your relationship is if you guys compromise and actually work out your issues if you two can't do that you will probably break up anyway


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