My boyfriend added a stranger hot girl to his instagram.. should I be angry? why do guys have to do this?

I also know the viewed her on Facebook a couple of times a couple of months back. Why do guys do this? Is this acceptable committed relationship behaviour? We have been tghr for almost 5 years (happily). We quarreled about this before where he said he will not do it again.


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  • i will give you the real answer its been 5 years he wants to fuck, talk, hangout, mingle with other girls plain and simple if anything your probably making easier for him ((girls like guys that are around other girls,, or that have gf cause its taboo) and if he's your bf girls are gonna want him more, the real? is are you okay with this?


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  • O. O Too much Oxytocin made you paranoid. Give the guy a break.


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  • A lot of guys do that lol. I asked a question about this before on; is a guys emotional and sex drive different from each other...
    And apparently it is haha.
    Guys are tempted by women so easily. Not saying he's going to cheat but looking at her pics may turn him on.