Was it wrong of me to pursue her after she had recently broke up with her boyfriend?

She never specified how long ago it was, and I didn't ask because I didn't want to intrude on her business.

So, I continued to pursue her. And now that I think about it, rather poorly.

So would you say it was wrong of me to do so even if I was looking for something real?

Because I'm pretty sure I messed up my chances with her. She never initiates a conversation and even when we hung out together, seemed distant.

I wish I could just hear her say that she wasn't interested, but I guess she doesn't want to hurt my feelings. And I don't want to ask her if she's interested because I don't want to come off as desperate or a creep.

However, I don't want to just drop it and give up.

This is so complicated.

Girls, how would you feel in this sort of situation?


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  • She could still be getting over the break up. Be there as a support system. Do fun things, and when you are having fun hanging out hopefully she will open up. If it seems like she is over him. Make your move! But if all she talks about is her ex, she clearly isn't over him, give her some time, and she will remember you for being there for her. I would say, if she ISN'T over him, give her a couple months (still continue to be friends with her) and then go for it.


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  • Well you have to be pretty careful with this, I'd say leave her be for a day or two then send her a message. It wasn't nescessarily wrong of you to pursue her after a break up but she was probably sensitive then. Maybe she's still hurting and doesn't want another to hurt her do you'll have to build trust with her before you ask her. Try to become friends but not to good friends.

  • If she had deep feelings for him, then don't go for her. Chances are she won't even go for you. And if you, you'll just be a rebound.

  • You should ask her if she's interested... but in a tone thats not creepy. Start out Like "hey. So i just want you to be honest with me.. "

    • Have you had to do that once before?

    • Yeah well someone asked me in that way. And I appreciated the way they said it because it wasn't creepy just straightforward

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  • Yes because she is still getting over her boyfriend.

    Never pursue a girl in a relationship or has just gotten out of one.