Would I be pushy if I try to message her again?

I met a girl in a shop and we got into a conversation. We had a little chat and she seemed very interested in me (I doubt it was only kindness).
Some complications came in so I didn't had the opportunity to ask her out or her number.
Few days later, unexpectedly, i meet her again on the street. I was with my sister and another girl. I step out, and say hi to her and ask for her number, she blushed and and said she'll tell me her name so than I'll find her on Facebook.
I found her, sent a friend request along with a message.
Six day have passed since then and she haven't replied yet.

I have no idea what I've done wrong. So is there really nothing that i could do from here? Would i be pushy if I try to message her again? (Although, I have no idea what i should say either)


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  • Seems like she wasn't all that interested. You shouldn't message her again. If you did, then yes, you would sound pushy. The ball is in her court, and she has decided not to do anything about it. You did all you could do by doing all these things (talking to her, sending her a message and a friend request etc). You could wait for a while, maybe she just hasn't been online. But then again, if she really liked you and knew that you'd send her a friend request, she would have definitely already accepted. So to me it seems like you should just forget about the whole thing.


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  • If I were her and saw you you going somewhere with two other girls I might get a bit worried that either you were a player or just get caught off guard that you asked in front of them.
    What did you write in your first message? :)

    • I wrote her: "Hi (her name), I'm (my name). I was really surprised when i saw you yesterday. Small is the world. How was your day? :)" It's translated from a different language.

    • Should I try to let her know somehow that it was my sister and a friend? Or any better ideas? :)

    • Unlike minxee I don't think that it's stalkerish to ask how someone's day was (haha like what?) it's polite and a basic way to start a conversation. Nothing wrong with your message so if she really is interested in you I don't know why she wouldn't reply. I wouldn't message her again unless she accepts your friendrequest, the ball is in her court as the others mentioned.
      Hope it works out for you :)

  • She's either not interested or she has a boyfriend. Reasons: She never gave you her number. She didn't accept your request or sent you a message. Plus, she never asked you for your number.

    She could be attracted to you or flattered that you approached her. If I were you, I would send a message and if she doesn't respond, move on.

  • Don't message her again. Especially not 'how was your day'. I find this the MOST annoying type of message communication from a guy. I think that is because it seems like "you don't know me? why would you want to know about my day, unless you're a stalker" kind of thing.
    If you ever message a girl just make it a comment about something you both have in common, or what you were doing when you saw her. For example you should have just left it at "small is the world". Or, if you go into that shop again you could message her "i was in xxx shop again today. Still the best place to get xxx (coffee, magazines, whatever) in my opinion".
    And, just try occasional liking some of her photos or CASUALLY commenting on some things on her Facebook page.

  • Yeah don't reply. If she responds back she will reply back to your message


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  • No dont. Probably she has a boyfriend and she did not give you number, and for not upsetting you, gave you Facebook name.

    YOu should only wait and not care her. If she wanted, she could accept it.