I sent a text message back to this guy I'm seeing and by his response I think maybe I pushed it to far?

ok so this guy and I just started seeing each other and it's going pretty good he is actually visiting his family this weekend.. anyways on to the question, so we are in the mushy blissful stage so this morning he seems me a good morning text msg. when I get it I get an instant smile on my face and text him back "good morning. p. s. I have a big ole smile on my face". he then texts back " why is that? ", so I respond " because it's nice to wake up to a good morning from some body you really like " . and he responds " oh, that's good". so my question is would that be considered a good response or was what I said pushing it to far and he freaked?


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  • You didn't push it too far at all. If he freaks out on that, he wasn't that into you in the first place.

    I've never known a rational person to say to themselves "MAN, I REALLY like this girl, I totally dig her, she's everything I ever wanted in a woman... beautiful, smart, funny, cool to hang out with... wait, what's this? She responded to a text with 'it's nice to wake up to a text message from me'? THAT'S IT! IT's OVER! THAT BITCH!"


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  • it was fine. and I don't think he was freaked he probably just didn't know how to more eloquently respond.


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  • When I get more than one "That's good" from a guy, it sounds like he doesn't know what to say/feels awkward.