When a girl says she hates you mid-convo?

I'm currently talking to this girl who I'm in love with. We hangout a lot, or whenever our work schedules allow. Anyway, she calls me every night and we talk for hours and she's always like "omg I hate you" and then laughs. Sometimes we'll be in a Skype chat with some friends or just the both of us and her bestfriend. Sometimes I get quiet in the call when I'm doing something and she'll randomly say "ugh, (my name), you irritate me" then she'll laugh and we'll joke a bit, I know she doesn't actually mean it but I was just wondering.

I guess that's her way of flirting? I'm pretty bad when it comes to girls, help me out?


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  • Lol, are you kidding? She's just poking you for not paying attention to her or something like that. Obviously saying that jokingly.

    • I know it's a bit a of a dumb and obvious question. But I really like her and I was just thinking about it haha.

    • Well, I know the feeling. You don't seem to have nothing to worry about for now though =)

    • Thank you so much haha, really needed this.


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  • You seriously have nothing to worry about... it's just her way of flirting... some girls are just like that... if she meant it, you'd know! :p xx


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  • Yes, it's her way of flirting. If she didn't like you, she wouldn't spend time with you.

    Ask her out if you are in love with her.