Girl bailed on date and gave a bogus excuse. need advice?

Everything was going good with a gal I was seeing. We had gone on a few dates and we had been hanging out at each others place in between, very cuddly and "intimate". I set up a date a few days in advance and she was saying that she would love to go, but might have to leave early for her hometown, shed find out soon. Meanwhile just incase the date didn't go through I texted and her saying I was cooking supper if she wanted to swing by and hang out. No text all night, but sent me a snapchat that she was out at the bar getting drunk

Day of the date I text right away in the morning and ask if she figured out if she was leaving early or not. She doesn't text back till about 6pm and says she had too much fun and got too drunk and was just going to go home and sleep off her hangover... 3 hours later about 10:30 I get a snapchat of her hanging out with a guy friend and his mom. Now im basically like wtf?

I asked if shed want to do another date, but I said im not into party chicks that bail on dates and then hang with someone else.

Did I do the right thing? or should I have downplayed it? Im looking to find someone to have around long term eventually, not a chick that's seeing other guys as welland bailing whenever its convenient.

(side note: this chick was really aggressive about dating me and hanging out the last month and having me sleep over and sending good morning texts and such. So I don't know why shed be looking for that in another guy she's hanging out with.


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  • You have the right to consider her too much of a flake to be a good candidate for you. That said you never actually had a set date, so even if her excuse was ultimately bogus, she didn't actually bail on you.

    • i did set it up. classy clothes, pickup at 7pm, was waiting to see if she was leaving for home or not. She instead chose a different path and cancelled, didn't go home, and posted pic of hanging out somewhere else. If that isn't a bail, i don't know what it.

    • According to your question, you asked her on the date, she said she didn't know if she could go because she might have to leave for her hometown. Sounds to me like she was non-committal from the beginning. Not that it really matters, she still sounds really flakey and I wouldn't want to have to deal with that in particular, whether she bailed on this date or not.


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  • It sounds to me like she isn't as serious about this as you are. She's just looking for fun. If you're looking for long term, I'd look elsewhere.

    • Ya i get the fact she's looking for fun, but she flat out told me she was looking for something serious eventually and what not and a best friend. her actions are different than words

    • Did she say "eventually"? Because that implies "not right now". Lol but actions always speak louder anyway.

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  • Forget her, and get on with your life.

  • I wouldn't go there, I think >.<