I was very ill he called me.. does he like me?

i am 25 years old. there is a guy 31 years of age in my class who gives me secret glances. once i caught him, he turned his eyes away. he knows about me and that have a good impression about me. I am very nice to him. few days bak i had my foot fractured n i ws climbing da stairs down wen i lost my stick. i ws alone in da corridor. he was with my other male class mate ahead. da sound f da stick hit his ears n he turned bak frm da corridor to me n i saw signs of worriness on his face, he gave me da stick n said "u scared us" whereas da other classmate f mine ddnt bother to come. then he himself proposed a class party but ws unfortunately unable to come. i called him twice bt he cudnt make it up on tym. at night i received his message apologising to me fr nt coming. he said he z really ashamed. i stayed bad for two days but then i let it go. few days bak i ws unwel n i posted a status on fb "104 temperature" i received his call. he wanted to know about my health. he said he saw my post on fb. i ws unable to talk properly wid him. he told me to take sum medicine n hav rest. i said "thanks" to him upon which he replied "no need to thank please".. i feel da guy likes me.. is it so?


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  • he probably likes you. kinda went out of his way to call you.


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  • Did you have a stroke while writting this?


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