Does she like me the same way I like her?

So I met this girl on an oniline dating site and she lives in another country , we kept chatting for a week then a lot of bad things happened in my personal life which made me give up on everything and I stopped uaing the site , I was checking the site frok time to time to see if she sent something but there was nothing, 2 days ago I was kinda thinking back about her and I regret what I did so I went to the site and just sent her a message saying that I loved her and that I am sorry that I stopped talking to her but she wasn't online so I thought that she stopped using the site cuz she used to tell me. that she doesn't like messaging on that site, later that day I was kinda having faith that she would see my message, and it turned out that she did, she responded with something like : whaaat? I am really sorry , I wasn't on this thing a lot lately but I like you and you are nice, you should text me and she gave me her number and told me to keep in touch with her, since then whenever I message her she responds as soon as she gets on her phone, is it safe to think that she likes me the same way I like her?


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  • can I be honest, I think you are just craving the attention and company of another. Basically you're lonely. How much can you really know about someone you've only known online. You don't get the same body language etc when you interact with someone in the flesh. I'm sorry you feel alone, god knows I feel alone right now, that's probably why I'm answering your message right now. Just to have some sort of human contact.

    • but as i already said i told her that i love her and she gave me her number because i said that , isn't that a sign for it? plus yes i know that meeting someone online is not like meeting him irl but sometimes it works and i hope that this time is one of those times :/

    • it doesn't mean anything concrete, only perhaps that she wants to know more about you before she gets more involved. If you want to know what she's thinking, just ask her and you will know for sure. I hope things work out for you too.

    • yeah. it is too soon , i will just let things happen normally :) thanks for your help !


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  • She might , probably does cause I know if I'm not feeling someone I don't respond quick... Or even respond at all lol

  • I think she's interested but it's also a little too soon to tell


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