Friend request guy at work - seems desperate?

Guy at work has been flirting and showing interest in me. I'm the new girl. I kinda like him too. It's the weekend and I want to friend him on Facebook but worried that it seems 'desperate'. I haven't friend requested anyone else at work yet. What do you think?


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  • Adding someone on Facebook does not constitute desperate. If you like him, add him, and go out with him... it's that simply. You're not desperate until you start sending 10 back to back unanswered texts, e-mails, and voicemails... don't overthink the situation girl. Take it easy and enjoy the vibe.

    • Aw thanks! yeah I overthink things... it's this whole 'rules' stuff - it's so confusing haha!


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  • you could send friend requests to all the people you work with if you are that worried about it... but then again he probably won't know you didn't. because seriously, who looks at who your friends are friends with.

    • Yeah i sent another one to another girl.

  • Adding on facebook, is like one of the lowest things you can do. People add everybody.